Instant Fun

Something I've been wanting to get into for a while now is instant photography. Unfortunately, money seems to be a common barrier to entry these days for this particular photographic discipline. Whilst I am grateful that the Impossible Project were able to resurrect polaroid film, the price tag attached to the new film can be a little off putting at over £2 per shot. Since I was able to acquire a Polaroid 600 recently, I decided to pick up a pack of film and give it a go. There's something so magical about seeing your image appear in front of you, and having a tangible object in your hands is something we just don't get to enjoy enough today.

If I ever find myself with some extra income, (or  win the lottery), I will definitely be buying a SX-70 and a load of film! For the time being, I am considering one of those nice looking Fuji Instax Mini 90's, since once I've paid out for the camera, the film is considerably cheaper.