My New Baby

Its been an ambition of mine for many years, ever since my old college tutor showed off his, to own a large format camera. They seem so unique and personal, and I can't help but be amazed at how well they perform alongside just how magnificent they look.

Besides my personal feelings for the cameras themselves, I believe that shooting in large format gives the photographer a completely different perspective, as it forces you to slow down and really take your time. I'm no stranger to large format, ( I've been shooting 5x4 film and paper in my pinhole camera for years now), but I've always wanted to have a go with it using a lens!

Last week, I came across this beauty of a camera on eBay, and couldn't resist it! A converted Polaroid 800 with a 5x4 Toyo back, ground glass, and a 150mm Rodenstock lens, it certainly is unique. I've already tested it, and it passed with flying colours, and I anticipate many happy years of us shooting together.