Upgrade In The Works

As almost anyone who knows me can tell you, I love cameras. I have found myself to be just as interested in cameras as I am in taking photos at times. This is why I have such a great love for pinhole cameras, specifically ones which I have made myself. I have recently been out shooting with my Mk.II camera again, and its got me to thinking about building a new one.

I have actually been designing two new cameras, each one significantly different from the other, and it has just happened that the one that was conceptualised second has reached a stage where I'm ready to start drawing up detailed plans and actually building it first, that is why the camera I am currently working on has been christened the Mk.IV rather than Mk.III. I do still plan on building number three at some point, but for now I'm focusing on this one.

The whole idea behind this camera is patience. It is designed to take a single piece of 8x10 photo-paper causing me to really think through my shot and pre-visualise it before shooting. It will be made out of wood and brass, so it will be heavy and large, giving further cause to pre-plan every shot before going out and shooting. I'm really excited about this camera now and hope to share more on its progress soon.