A Little Side Project

Last weekend I was given an old Olympus C-3000 digital camera. It was about to be thrown out, and I seem to have developed a reputation for saving old cameras! Its only a 3mp camera, but it was a great camera in its day, and still takes some brilliant photos today. I had a lot of fun when I took it out for a little test shoot, almost as if I'd picked up an old film camera, so I've decided to use it for a bit to shoot a little project on the side whilst I'm working on some other things. 

The idea is to shoot anything that takes my fancy, and just enjoy making nice images. I'm looking to maybe print them out at the end, keeping them as relatively small prints due to the cameras resolution, but showing that a photo's quality has almost nothing to do with megapixels or fancy camera features.

The above images were taken on the first day I took the camera out. The ones below are from a shoot I did in a boxing gym this week. I was shooting with all my normal equipment, but took a few shots with the C-3000 and was really pleased at how well they came out. In my opinion, they even stand up to the rest of the photos I took that night. If they take your interest, then keep an eye out for the rest of the project, which I'm looking to put online soon.